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  • Case Study: Increasing Revenue by $1,000,000 Using Machine Learning Scoring

    Client: one of top-30 microfinance institutions in Russia We’ve built predictive scoring technology that generated over $1,000,000 of additional revenue within 3 months for 5 different MFI’s  The Intro It’s hard to picture a world without loans. While they are highly valuable to small businesses and regular citizens, microfinance institutions often face a heightened risk […]

  • Case Study: Client Segmentation with User Behaviour Scoring Technology by Machine Learning

    Client: Mobile AppSpecialty: EducationProduct: An interactive language learning app that teaches by using verses, quotes and stories A language app wanted to increase conversions. We delivered a custom segmentation tool that grows sales exponentially. The Intro Picture this — there are exactly 11,000 users on your app at this very moment. And you know everything you need to […]

  • Case Study: The importance of Accurate Data Collection and Data Quality Assurance

    Client: Mobile AppSpecialty: FitnessProduct: A step-counting application that rewards users with free healthy drinks, snacks and wellness services A fast-growing startup asked us to visualize their data reports. What we found in the process has changed how they view their business. The Intro We all know how data is really important for any business that relies on selling products or services online but often forget to double-check the accuracy of data we receive. So in the following case […]

  • Kids Apparel Ecommerce AdWords Shopping Campaign Case

    Do you have an ecommerce website and have been wondering how to launch a successful Google Adwords campaign?  Wonder no more – in this article we will disclose the tips and tricks on how to set up AdWords ecommerce, PPC advertising and increase ecommerce sales.  Ready? Let’s start by meeting the business behind this case […]

  • InsightWhale is a Top Big Data Company on ThinkMobiles in 2019

    Being agile, strategic and proactive is a core approach to any project we undertake at InsightWhale. While specializing in Conversion Rate Optimization, mobile and web analytics, and big data consulting forces us to stay sharp and streamline, we utilize the best ingenuity practices to deliver hand-crafted solutions to our respected clients all over the world. […]

  • How to Increase SEO Traffic During Domain Transfer – A Complete Case Study

    Looking up how to increase web traffic while doing a domain name transfer? Look no more!  In this article we will review marketing tactics and methods on how to transfer a website while keeping SEO, increase website visitors and perform all of this website migration without loss of traffic. Find out all about the effects […]

  • InsightWhale Became One of Russia’s Most Successful Digital Marketing Agencies at GoodFirms

    Digital Marketing Experts at InsightWhale utilize advanced digital marketing techniques to help their clients achieve high SERP rankings, fast organic growth and ever-increasing long-term revenue. GoodFirms recognized this successful approach and have listed InsightWhale agency as a top digital marketing company in Russia. Overview of the Company InsightWhale is a remote team of professionals, headquartered […]

  • Case Study: How We Finally Found a Source-medium Error for the Multi-domain Website

    Introduction Our client is a large e-commerce project that sells innovative products around the world. Their website consists of a series of sites from subdomains and the main domain, so when the user browsers goods on a specific subdomain, he ends up making a purchase on the main domain of the site. Despite the fact […]

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