The Company

For three years, HeartS has been creating and selling supplements with proprietary blends. Each supplement has an independent website with a marketing campaign based on Facebook Ads and affiliate marketing.

The Challenge

A year after getting started, the number of HeartS advertising campaigns was increasing, and their traffic was growing, but the number of real buyers began to fall. With annual revenue of $2.5 million, HeartS was losing tens of thousands of dollars every month due to excessive CAC. HeartS had a specific need – to reduce CAC through CRO. In 4 months, we have tested 12 strategies and drove $219,580 in increased revenue over 6 Months.

Below are the 3 most successful strategies.

Adding Reviews on the Checkout Page Increased Revenue/User by 30%

The audit revealed that many users abandon the purchase at the checkout page. From our experience with numerous clients, we know that adding reviews to the checkout page can encourage hesitant users to take the final step.

We ran two A / B tests on different platforms:

1.      An affiliate funnel

2.      A Facebook funnel

Testing on the affiliate funnel resulted in a 30% increase of conversion rates, while the Facebook funnel unexpectedly resulted in a 110% rise.

Both audiences were equally unfamiliar with HeartS supplements, but the Facebook traffic was colder, so users might have relied on reviews more while making purchase decisions.


Result 1: adding reviews to the checkout page at the affiliate sales funnel increased revenue per user by 30%

Hypothesis testing time: 15 days

Percentage of total traffic: 90%

Conversion rate increase: +30%

Additional revenue for the testing period: $14,170

Estimated additional revenue over six months: $31,500 to $73,500


Result 2: the Facebook funnel testing showed a 110% increase in conversion rates, increasing the estimated monthly revenue in the range of $98,100 to $228,900.

Adding Amazon-Style Customer Reviews Increased Purchase Conversion Rate by 40%

This hypothesis suggested that potential buyers respond positively to reviews about HeartS supplements.

Amazon’s customer reviews section inspired us as a method of building consumer trust. We redesigned real reviews on the client’s website in a similar style (with photos and ratings).

Result: redesigning reviews section into Amazon-like one increased purchase conversion rate by 40%

Hypothesis testing time: 9 days

Percentage of total traffic: 50%

Additional revenue for the testing period: $3,706

Estimated additional revenue over six months: $32,400 to $75,600

Scientific References Increased the Number of Items Added to Cart by 10%

This hypothesis suggests that independent scientific studies about the benefits of supplements in general (not necessarily manufactured by HeartS) will positively affect customers.

We selected studies on active ingredients that make part of HeartS blends and posted a supplements’ effectiveness table with links to scientific papers.

Result: A 10% increase in items added to cart thanks to scientific references on the homepage.