Business Intelligence

  • How to Visualize Connections in Data Visualization

    With so many data visualization methods, diagrams, and charts out there and ever-growing, it’s hard to keep track on which visualization types go with which data sets best.  That’s why we’ve created this handy list of the best tools to visualize connections in data visualization, take a look 😉 Oh, and if you haven’t yet, […]

  • Artificial Intelligence VS Business Intelligence: Comparison

    Artificial Intelligence vs Business Intelligence – what’s the difference? Since these two terms are so interconnected, let’s look deeper into what makes them unique.  In order to settle the Artificial Intelligence vs Business Intelligence debate once and for all, we’ll start with their definitions and proceed to describe points that make them distinct. What is […]

  • How to Visualize Frequency Distribution: Best Methods

    If you haven’t fallen in love with data visualization charts yet – you should. They are unique, colourful, fun, and communicate valuable information that encourages you to optimize your expenses, eliminate profitless campaigns and make data-driven decisions regarding your expansion plans.  Find out how to use data visualization to display frequency distribution in our new […]

  • Data vs Information: Differences and Comparison

    Numbers are everywhere. They tell us how long will it take us to get to the desired destination, indicate the number of times we have to visit the gym to stay in shape and suggest the data analytics solutions that help drive more business.  In the world that not only heavily relies on numbers, but […]

  • Using AI and Data Science to Fight the Coronavirus Outbreak

    In the age of big data, quantum computing and evergrowing AI technology we no longer fight viruses with iodized ointment and prevention pamphlets. We use actual data science and Artificial Intelligence in order to predict future virus outbreaks, locate the most contaminated areas and even determine possible infected using natural language processing.  So let’s look […]

  • What is Machine Learning? Definition, models, and examples

    Machines are now learning. That’s a fact. The more our world becomes data-directed, data-reliant and data-driven, the more we need a helping hand in order to control it. Even if its a hand of a robot. Or an algorithm.  In order to utilize this tool more efficiently, let’s look into what is a Machine Learning […]

  • What is data mining? Definition, types and data mining solutions

    Data mining is starting to get more and more interest in the big data community of data analysts, ecommerce owners and everyone who’s already discovered data is the new oil. So today we elucidate data mining techniques, what is data mining and how does it work.  Let’s dig in! (pun intended) What is data mining? Before […]

  • 4 Types of Data Analytics to Improve Decision-Making

    Nowadays data analytics is no longer a luxury only large enterprises can afford, but a necessary ingredient in inefficient work of very business. Data analytics tools facilitate data-driven decision making (find out how to become data-driven here) which allows companies all over the world to not only stay in the game but advance ahead of […]

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