Looking up how to increase web traffic while doing a domain name transfer? Look no more! 

In this article we will review marketing tactics and methods on how to transfer a website while keeping SEO, increase website visitors and perform all of this website migration without loss of traffic. Find out all about the effects of a domain move and how to prevent any SEO redirect issues arising with it in our new article below. 


First, a little bit of background in the given case. Our client is an ecommerce company that specializes in providing trendy vintage clothes, shoes and accessories for women.

How to Increase SEO Traffic During Domain Transfer - A Complete Case Study


Our clients wanted to change their brand name, accompanied by a domain name transfer while eliminating the negative side effects of the said domain move. So the challenge we faced was to perform the domain name transfer without losing organic traffic after the website migration to the new domain name will be accomplished.


To bring back all the organic traffic generated previously, we incorporated certain website improvements:

  • Added titles and meta descriptions tags to categories pages and pages, which lead people to sales. Before this, the website was not optimized and titles and meta description tags were absent.
  • Added alt texts to all websites images.
  • Fixed all code errors according to W3C standards.
  • Increased web-site’s speed


After the website was moved to the new domain name, organic traffic and web traffic rankings experienced a terrible drop.

Let’s compare February organic traffic received from the old domain name to the one received during new domain name:

The old domain name, February:

The new domain name, February:

As you can see from the stats, the number of the new domain sessions is 6180 less than the number of new domain sessions.

At the end of March, we started to implement our improvements on how to redirect a website without experiencing the effects of a domain move. Let’s check results which we got after SEO improvements we described above were implemented and Google took them into consideration.

The old domain name (May results):

The new domain name (May results):

In May, the difference between the old domain sessions and new domain sessions decreased to 1654 ( in February the same number was 6180), while at the same time the number of new website visitors has increased.

But as we all know, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) improvements don’t start to work wonders right after they were implemented. It takes time for the new changes to take effect and show up on the Google SEO radar, therefore let’s check June results:

The old domain name (June results):

The new domain name (June results):

As you can see, after implementing the improvements we indicated above, the number of sessions within the new domain name in June is higher than the number of sessions on the old domain name in the same month.

So if you need help with how to redirect a website while avoiding the effects of a domain move migration and loss of traffic, feel free to use the tips indicated above and contact us when you need high-end assistance.