Top A/B testing Tools for Mobile Apps

In the previous article, we walked through the top analytics tools for mobile. So now that you have all the relevant data about the users, are you ready to test out some ideas on how to optimize your app?

As an app developer, you are probably looking for something that makes changes without writing the code, makes changes without having to resubmit to the app store and easy SDK management. Having that in mind, we created a list of the top mobile app A/B testing tools for you.

Here is a comparison chart with a short tool overview:

A/B Testing ToolPriceProsCons
Firebase A/B TestingFree Product by Google – automatic  integration with Google toolsRequires coding skills
VWOFrom $49 per month (10,000 visitors)User-friendly interface and data visualization Setting up specific goals or events is sometimes hard
OptimizelyFrom $36,000 USD per yearEasy to use even for beginnersExpensiveAnalytical reports are basic, lacking the advanced features
MixpanelFree with limits/ Plan starts from $999Intuitive interfaceThe tool has many features
Only allows one filter per funnel step  Charts are not very configurable
ApptimizeCustom plansCreated specifically for mobile appsThe real-time changes are limited in the scopeThere is a high learning curve to use this product
PushwooshFrom $125.95 USD per monthGood for testing specifically push notification and in-app messaging Lacks concrete API for monitoring push sends

Firebase A/B Testing

Firebase is a comprehensive suite of tools for app developers and includes platforms for development, testing, and growth. It’s built on Google infrastructure so it can easily sync with other tools by Google. We can easily call it a market leader.

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One of the best solution in terms of ease of implementation, data visualization and it gives all the information you’re likely to need for a reasonable price.


One of the leaders among the top A/B testing tools, Optimizely also provides a mobile optimization solution. It doesn’t require a code to configure and start experiments. You can start experiments and immediately push changes to live app without requiring App Store review. Also, it allows you to change variable values in-between releases.


Mixpanel is a powerful tool for understanding user behaviour and user journeys, and it has one important feature: once you install the SDK, it doesn’t require any coding to track metrics. The platform enables you to trigger messages and run A/B tests. You can also use this tool as an analytics platform.


The optimization solution, which is focused on mobile A/B testing only. Simple adding in the SDK and smooth Google Analytics integration. No coding, no targeting and no waiting for App Store approvals. Works with native iOS & Android apps.


If you are using push-notification – great news! There is a special platform, called Pushwoosh, designed specifically to help you optimize them. It’s a tool which will help you test specifically mobile pushes and in-app messages for the best price. Easy and straightforward to set up.


You want to use mobile app testing tools that give you fast, reliable insights at a glance, and help you make data-driven decisions. Many SDK tools are built to be super lightweight and will not slow down your app, yet it can be difficult to find one that suits you. Choose wisely and happy testing!