• 5 CRO Tactics for Ecommerce Websites

    Gods of Ecommerce Trade has been considered art from the beginning of times. In fact, it was treated so crucially, that each culture had a God who was responsible for the ecommerce itself. Al-Kutba’ in Arabic culture, Ganesha in Hindu, Hermes for Greeks, Mercury for Romans, Inari Ōkami for Japanese, Yacatecuhtli for Aztec people – […]

  • Case study: InsightWhale triples fuel card requests at MASTERS

    We are recognized as a top Market Research Companies on DesignRush. About the customer MASTERS is one of the leading Russian providers of enterprise fuel cards. Their flagship product – the “YEDINAYA” (“UNITED”) fuel card – enables customers to cut fuel expenses by up to 30 percent and fill up the tank at 12,000+ stations all over […]

  • How to Choose the Right Metrics for Your Products

    To optimize your product, you need to test how it currently performs and then implement possible changes that could lead to improvements. The only way to do this is by measuring product success metrics. What Is Meant By “Product Metrics”? There are many types of product metrics. The most basic are the easiest to measure, […]

  • Leveraging the Synergy of Product Analysis Tools

    Product analysis is key for businesses with large or heterogeneous product stock. Analysis allows you to check if you are making appropriate warehouse purchases and confirm that customers are seeing the correct stock when they look at your product directory. It also answers many other pressing questions. There are several tools that will get the […]

  • Case Study: How Video Testimonials Make a Difference (Numerologist.com)

    Customer profile Numerologist.com provides English-speaking clients across the world with numerology and astrology advice through their digital reports. We located a few areas in their sales funnel where leads were dropping off and determined that one of the levers could be social proof. To resolve the issue, we tested how video testimonials could make a […]

  • Case Study: How We Increased Conversion Rate and Revenue Per User for Numerologist.com by 2.5

    Our client at Numerologist.com requested a conversion rate optimization (CRO) audit back in 2016. Although the company had team members with knowledge of CRO, they lacked the time to run the audit it themselves. Plus, they wanted a new set of eyes to take a look at the data. In this article, we cover how […]

  • Case Study: How We Lifted the Clickout Conversion Rate by 12.7% for an Online Marketplace

    It’s a common belief that you need to make as many changes as possible to optimize conversion rate, which requires examining a large amount of data. At Insight Whale, we discovered that this is not always true. In fact, as this case study shows, small tweaks can often have the greatest impact. Pinpointing a problem […]