5 CRO Tactics for Ecommerce Websites

Gods of Ecommerce

Trade has been considered art from the beginning of time. In fact, it was treated so crucially, that each culture had a God who was responsible for the ecommerce itself. Al-Kutba’ in Arabic culture, Ganesha in Hindu, Hermes for Greeks, Mercury for Romans, Inari Ōkami for Japanese, Yacatecuhtli for Aztec people – these were all Gods of Commerce who’s calling was to protect and help those in trade, sparing their lives of unexpected dangers and shining a light on the life-changing deals.

The times have changed, and we don’t build massive temples in order to get a good harvest and avoid the rainy flooding of our crops. Yet the eternal cross-cultural search for commerce trading tips and tricks has only increased ever since.   

Today we will not give you a number of powerful spells to mumble over your products, but we’ll give you 5 really great Conversion Rate Optimization Tips for your Ecommerce website. And they work like magic. But better.

Tactic 1: Don’t underestimate sales

Offering discounts has been an all-time way to drive customers to your business. Now assigning a code with a discount has been a recent invention, as it motivated our visitors to stay the whole checkout process to complete the purchase.

Now add an Ecommerce Conversion Rate Optimization scarcity tactic, called limited time offer and place it into a coupon code – and voila! – you have more customers wanring to proceed with a transaction.  

Limited Time Offer Coupon

Tactic 2: Visualize payment methods

When offering your customers payment methods, keep the golden-middle rule in mind – focus on the most used methods but don’t leave out anything important.  

Use this Ecommerce conversion optimization tip – clearly display all the payment methods in the forms of images, like Visa, Mastercard, Amex logo signs to increase your customers’ trust during a checkout process.

Example of Visual Payment Methods

Another Ecommerce website Conversion Rates Optimization tip is to implement the plugin that automatically recognizes cards origin – debit or credit, and to which service it belongs – Mastercard, Visa, etc. That will enhance the trustworthiness of your website and therefore increase the number of visitors willing to pay.

Tactic 3: Encourage the Search

If you are anything, but a small studio producing one-of-a-kind products you should really consider implementing a search bar. A search bar allows your ecommerce website visitors to see a full range of products before making a final decision.  

It is also said that the faster the customer is able to find the needed product, the more likely he is to buy from this website. So installing a search bar function, especially if you offer a large variety of products, is a no-brainer decision.

Ecommerce Search Bar Example

Tactic 4: Optimize the Checkout

With the vast number of information, required for your customer to complete a purchase, the easiest thing you can do to increase your Ecommerce conversion rate is to minimize the checkout process and make it as frictionless as possible.

To increase your Ecommerce Conversion Rate Optimization, follow the next tactics:

  • Minimize the number of required fields
  • Allow billing address to be the same as the delivery address
  • Clearly display details of the purchased goods in the cart
  • Allow checkout without registering an account

And most important among all – whenever possible place all of your checkout process into a single page. Yes, it might sound like a lot, but an accordion-style layout or implementing page breadcrumbs that let you see all your complete pages, greatly reduce customer anxiety and positively influence customer satisfaction rates.

Example of checkout with a product page and a telephone number
Example of a minimalistic breadcrumb checkout

Tactic 5: Secure Checkout

With the decreased trust towards online payments on ecommerce stores, it’s more important than ever to double-up on your website’s security.

Secure checkout Ecommerce CRO tips and tricks include:

  • Adding phrases like “Checkout securely” or “Place order securely”
  • Adding security badged of platforms where you are verified
  • Displaying your businesses phone number at the checkout
  • Use third-party Secure Digital Wallets like Paypal, Google Pay and Apple Pay
  • Allow your customers to choose a Digital Wallet checkout instead of the whole checkout process.
Example of the Secure Checkout Visual
Example of a Digital Wallet Checkout