In this article, we present 6 Basic SEO Tips For You To Use On Your Website that will help you attract more visitors and present more search-friendly content.

To make this information easier to absorb and digest, we included a great visual by Glamy SEO Service to explain the theme deeper and even more user-friendly.

Never Forget Anything about SEO Checklist

SEO Tip 1. Use keywords in page titles

The page title is one of the main points for affordable SEO. It does not necessarily refer to the content title or product name. This is the phrase that will appear in the search result. For more information, you can check out Glamy SEO

Searchers, in an attempt to identify the most relevant pages, scan for keywords. These words are terms used to find something.

For example, a person looking for a refrigerator might use the code: stainless refrigerator. It is a short and general term known as head tail. This type of keyword is in high demand but also highly competitive.

However, a person can do a search with the term: two-door refrigerator 380 liters stainless steel. This is already a specific term called “long tail”. The potential customer already has product information and is probably looking for the best offer. Demand is lower, but competitiveness is also reduced.

So the tip for building a good title and being found by the search engines is to use the keywords in your market and also in some affordable SEO company.

Keep in mind that the maximum character length that Google shows is 63 and the first words are more important than the last.

SEO Tip 2. Build a friendly URL

The URL, which represents the page address, is another important factor in ranking organic search. When creating a virtual environment, make sure that the addresses are user-friendly, containing the keywords you choose.

Avoid URLs with codes, numbers and other elements. A good tip is that to build a good address, you can identify the page content by its own URL.

SEO Tip 3. Make a good synthesis with meta description

Let’s do a test. Open the Google window and type in any term you want to search. Some options will appear. Which one will you click? Probably in the top positions, but what will you observe to identify the most relevant pages?

The meta description is text that acts as a summary of what the page will cover by appearing below the URL. This space should serve to attract the visitor by creating a synthesis of the content.

To create a good meta description, keep in mind that searchers have character limits displayed. Then create text with up to 160 characters. Also, make an attractive production that arouses the curiosity of the user, inviting them to visit the page.

SEO Tip 4. Use images on pages

Images inserted on pages also have weight in the ranking. Basically, search engines see them in three ways: filename, alt text, and context.

Second, alternative text is the path that helps searchers identify images. They will associate the text with the other terms of the content. You can place the keyword as alternate text as long as that image depicts the term used.

Finally, search engines evaluate the context in which the image is inserted. Again, Google and other tools want to show what is most relevant to the search. So focus on images that help develop content and place it next to the text that makes the most sense.

In addition to being useful for SEO, images help the user experience, making the page much more interesting. Before you post a new blog post, for example, take the time to do a search on image banks.

SEO Tip 5. Develop content in headings

In building your content you should use subtitles to separate the text, indicating priorities. These divisions are made with codes: h1, h2, h3, and so on.

There is a hierarchy in the subtitles. H1 is the page title, h2 is the subtitles, and so on.

Entering keywords in subtitles is very interesting to help with searches. After all, they show exactly where the
the central theme will be worked on.

In addition to helping with organic search positioning, headings make reading a lot easier, providing better user experience.

SEO Tip 6. Create relevant content

Finally, content is extremely important for page ranking. As we said, the goal of search engines is to present the most relevant material to the user.

So it’s no use following the previous five tips if your production isn’t really useful and doesn’t answer the public’s doubts.