Creating a CRO mindset within your team leads to better decision making. Team members become more willing to quantify everything, which, in turn, means things become easy to measure and bottlenecks are more obvious. A CRO mindset also has a role to play in developing goals, measuring results, and, ultimately, changing your elements of your strategy in a way that makes mathematical sense.

Moreover, people start thinking in common terms and developing common goals. CRO provides people with a clear framework for decision-making – a measurable, tangible and flexible approach to accomplishing the business objectives. The CRO approach is essentially testable, provable and empirical.

The Inherent Value of the CRO Culture

Once you get to CR optimization, you apply scientific methods and experiments, yet it’s not only about the website or business metrics. The same principles apply to the majority of business processes.

CRO is  about testing:  idea validation, customer discovery, checking hypotheses against the market and the company experts. CRO channels the individual thinking into a testing framework. You don’t just shoot unsubstantiated ideas with no data behind them, you provide evidence and validate hypotheses. Untested suggestions don’t fly.

As a result, the team shifts from guesswork to strategy. Even when optimization has nothing to do with online sales, e-commerce platforms or stock inventory, the employees go through the data —  hypothesis — test — decision chain and contribute the outcomes to different areas of work.

The team may choose to focus on root causes of underperformance or stagnation. A CRO-minded team makes inroads into business processes, in-house education, knowledge sharing, deeper market analysis, etc. They start thinking out of the box.

Once the approach of the CRO team becomes visible to the rest of the company, it’s very likely that other departments may catch up and apply optimization techniques to their processes.

The thinking framework thus recruits more adepts and disrupts the organization to make it more efficient. All in all, CRO becomes a driver of disruptive innovation.