is a longtime client of Insight Whale. They offer numerology and astrology services, which are in particularly high demand in January. For this reason, they wanted to run a promo for New Year. This case study looks at how we adapted their strategy just for the promo and the results it yielded.

Customer profile

A long-term InsightWhale customer, provides digital products and services in the field of numerology, astrology and personalized reports for practical guidance. The platform operates on the English-speaking markets and employs smart approaches to user acquisition, aiming to balance invested budgets against ROI and customer LTV.

Case Study: Boosting Numbers for New Year Promo

The challenge

Numerologist reaches its seasonal sales peaks in January and relies on an annual New Year’s Promo as the cornerstone marketing activity. By utilizing InsightWhale services from the beginning of 2017, the client bolstered its conversation rate and ARPU by a factor of 2.5. This year, the customer expected us to raise the bar and drive even more traffic from brand-new sources under stringent promo deadlines.

Promo timeline and dynamics

January 1–31, 2018

Content: alternate landing pages, blog postings, mailings.

The solution

Unlike earlier promos, this year’s campaign leveraged both affiliate and ‘cold’ traffic with a tilt towards the former. The affiliate traffic was channeled through multiple funnels for optimal results, laying a foundation for repeat campaigns based on best-performing tests.

Given the strictly limited timeline, InsightWhale opted for a series of fast-to-implement iterative tests that encompassed copy, headline and call-to-action variations.

Other than that, we conducted multiple layout tests, interaction logic tests, mobile optimizations, and product-centered tests like the upsell flow and order bump test.

Numerologist CRO in a nutshell:

    • 43 tests performed
    • Crème of the crops: upsell flows, end-of-video CTA, sticky blocks tests
    • ~600K users tested
    • 4 initial funnels + 2 downsell offer funnels
  • Upsell CR for key offers: 10–12%.

Business impact

The campaign yielded an average 1 percent sale CR and 11 percent upsell CR.

Process-wise, multiple tests performed by InsightWhale in the new iteration confirmed the findings and hypotheses from the previous year’s test assumptions. The outcomes allowed us to run follow-up tests on the evergreen funnels that resulted in significant CRO and value per sale increase.

We successfully conducted 43 tests with an array of re-usable experiments involving upsell flow tests, Order Bump test, sticky form, mobile tweaks, etc.


InsightWhale recommends follow-up rounds of tests for the relevant funnels as well as exploring the options for re-using some of the better-performing NYP funnels for ‘cold and affiliate MeSL traffic.