Google AdWords

  • Kids Apparel Ecommerce AdWords Shopping Campaign Case

    Do you have an ecommerce website and have been wondering how to launch a successful Google Adwords campaign?  Wonder no more – in this article we will disclose the tips and tricks on how to set up AdWords ecommerce, PPC advertising and increase ecommerce sales.  Ready? Let’s start by meeting the business behind this case […]

  • How to Make Sure that PPC Marketing Will Work for Me?

    Digital marketing strategy Digital marketing of today has a large number of advantages, among which are the delivery speed, high level of targeting, manageability, stats accuracy, and of course – variety. You can focus on social media marketing, email marketing, lead generation, influencer marketing and much more. So when you can choose between a large […]

  • How to Use a Content Security Policy with Google Analytics

    A Content Security Policy (CSP) stops third-party vendors from loading damaging features on your website, thereby improving security. However, if you continue to use Google Analytics with a CSP enabled, you will need to make some modifications. The good news is that these are simple to apply, not to mention well worthwhile. Enabling Google Analytics […]

  • Case Study: How We Lifted the Clickout Conversion Rate by 12.7% for an Online Marketplace

    It’s a common belief that you need to make as many changes as possible to optimize conversion rate, which requires examining a large amount of data. At InsightWhale, we discovered that this is not always true. In fact, as this case study shows, small tweaks can often have the greatest impact. Pinpointing a problem Last […]

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