Search terms analysis sounds really scrupulous and serious at first, but once you find out it simply examines keywords your website visitors use inside and outside your website, all complexities seem quite straightforward. 

There are two types of searches: an external search and an internal search, both of which contribute crucial and miscellaneous information on the search analytics aspects of your online presence. The process of receiving free keywords reports from for your site analytics takes only a matter of minutes and we have helpfully described it below,

Let’s take a look! 🙂

Search Terms Analysis with Google Analytics

External Search

Purpose of use: To determine which keywords bring outside visitors to your website
Where to find: Dashboard > Traffic Sources > Keywords

Each and every website owner strives to know which search terms and keywords strike the fancy of his customers and urge them to click that mouse button. Luckily, many popular site analytics platforms (like the ones we describe in the Web Analytics Tools Comparison article here) offer this information as a part of their paid plans features.

But if you still want to know which search analytics keywords you rank for without having to pay a cent, you can simply use your existing dashboard in Google Analytics. Everything you need is collected and displayed by default under the “Keywords” section of your typical Google Analytics dashboard, and when you require more specifics you can easily access them by pressing “View full report” at the bottom of the window. 

If for some reason you do not see the “Keywords” section, proceed to your keywords report by looking at your left navigation menu and pressing Traffic Sources > Keywords. All generated traffic for each of your keywords displays over a one month period.

Internal Search

Purpose of use: To determine which keywords your visitors are looking for on your website
Where to find: Content > Site Search > Overview page

Now, internal search results reflect those queries web visitors seek and hope to find not overall on the web, but strictly on your particular website. Internal search tracking is a tremendously useful tool for all eCommerce owners out there, and if you haven’t set it up yet, you should definitely do it as soon as humanly possible. 

Internal search reports are used to not only identify items, and details and services which are in most demand but will also shine a light on how well the informational architecture of your website is functioning and provide an insight on what your customers are potentially wishing and would love to buy from you.

Internal search terms analysis also signifies words and keywords people are not able to find on your website. To access your search analytics go to Content > Site Search and you’ll also find a couple of useful Google Analytics links to guide you through it.


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