InsightWhale recently worked on a project that involved providing a client with an array of CRO services for a promo. The project led us to a number of interesting findings. We’re using this article to share some of the insights we learned with our readers.

Optimizing Promo Funnels Under Tight Deadlines: A CRO Insight

In a nutshell

A long-term InsightWhale customer provides digital products and services for individuals interested in numerology, astrology, and practical guidance. This platform targets the English-speaking audience and utilizes smart user acquisition techniques striving to yield maximum ROI under stringent timeframes.

InsightWhale was performing a complex of CRO activities for the company’s New Year promo. The key challenge was to promptly optimize a plethora of funnels showing different pace and dynamics. The multiple funnels were intended for various affiliates in order to boost the yield.

For that purpose, we conducted a series of tests with short iterations and quick turnaround. Once we solidified the process and made sure the client was on board for informed decision-making, the results did not fail to come. We managed to raise average order value across the funnels by 68 percent (from $26 to $45) in a single test and reach up to 12% upsell CR for the key offers.

Decisive factors

Concise iterations and strict process enforcement were paramount to optimizing the promo funnels. Fast-to-implement iterative tests revealed the bottlenecks and potential for improvement.

Key findings

Take small steps and get massive outcomes! Well-weighed changes to copy, headlines and calls-to-action were the driving force for improvement in most cases. Interaction tweaks (like in sticky forms or conditional upsell flows) were more demanding in terms of time and effort, yet when we finally got them right, our CR and AOV showings soared in a snap.

Re-usable test results

In the highlights:

    • Copy: Personalized headlines are, indeed, more efficient and powerful than you might think!
    • Conditional upsell flows: Linking a subsequent product for upsell to the customer’s previous picks is the way to go! Taking time to design and implement the logic of decision tree in upsell flows really pays off. Naturally, you want to pitch different products to address the customer’s specific needs and concerns.
  • Sticky form: Clickable shortcuts to the ‘BUY’ button that remain on the page. This technique works great but it has to be triggered right depending on the device.

Lessons learned

Before running specific tests, it’s key to achieve rapport with the customer and agree upon the course of action. The three ‘rules of thumb’ here are:

    • Outline the process in advance
    • Maintain the client informed of your progress from day one
  • Sort out reporting issues prior to traffic and test activities.

In conclusion

How can we scale up this success elsewhere? In a large project with diverse traffic channels, it’s great to lay your hands on multiple funnels – and experiment! Their simultaneous optimization may seem a daunting task, yet it pays off well if you stick to the agreed procedure and keep the customer on the same page. This experience is majorly applicable to other CRO projects. Should you enjoy some leeway in schedule and traffic volumes, re-producing the mentioned tests can help harness greater statistical significance and shiny new ROIs.