Conversion Rate Optimization is a complex, comprehensive, and recurring process. It varies from industry to industry, and each given ecommerce business type has its own specific features and qualities to account for. And so does the beauty industry.

So if you have a great ecommerce cosmetic store – buckle up, because right now we are about to review the top 5 best CRO growth hacking practices for your business.

5 CRO Hacks for Beauty Stores

CRO Hack #1: Shade-finder

By default, you need to have high-resolution pictures which show the products are top quality for the success of an ecommerce platform. As well as nice packaging, which attracts and speaks to your target audience. After a user made a decision on buying a product, one of the main concerns they have is “Which colour should I pick?”.

To help them make a decision and increase the conversion rate for ecommerce website, implement a feature to your product page which helps your customers choose the right shade. Just like in the example below, Sephora website has a Shade Finder which helps to find the right colour of your next purchase by matching the tone of another brand which you have already used.


CRO Hack #2: Filters

It should be easy to navigate on your website. So the CRO hack for the cosmetic store number 2 – make sure you have all the filters needed for your types of product. The minimum set includes filters by colour, by price range, by rating. Skin care products can even include a filter for different skin types.

Or a filter by concern, as shown in the example below.


CRO Hack #3: Search bar

The next CRO tip for your cosmetic ecommerce website consists of 3 growth hacking techniques:

  • Firstly, the search bar should be placed in a very noticeable part of a webpage. Make sure it is easy to find it on mobile devices.
  • Improve results for frequent searches. Make sure to regularly check your on-site search history, which is easy to set up in Google Analytics, and it allows you to monitor on-site search trends and resolve any on-site search-related problem that emerges.
  • Use predictive search. It shows visitors popular or suggested search queries based on the words they’ve inputted in the search box.

CRO Hack #4: Checkout

For e-commerce companies, there is no more important metric to pay attention to than the checkout process conversion rate. This is the page that brings in your actual revenue. For a beauty industry CRO marketing, it is highly important to make a user closer to a purchase, because often enough ordering cosmetics is an impulsive purchase (we’ve all been there, right?).

The next free growth hacking tool is to experiment with a single and multi-page checkout. Find what works for your website better, and implement it to achieve better performance results.

Increase the conversion rate for your ecommerce cosmetic store by following the basic rules of the checkout page optimization:

  • Limit the amount of information you ask from the user.
  • Use smart forms that pull in a city, state information, etc.
  • Add an option to check out us a guest

CRO Hack #5: Progress indicator

Cosmetic stores often offer free shipping or a gift from a certain sum or a certain amount of products in the cart. Show a barometer of how many products you need to add to the cart to receive a gift or achieve free shipping. Such visual future can help you increase the average cart size.

Use all of these Ecommerce conversion rate optimization hacks for your beauty store and increase your retention rates, your cart size and of course – your revenue. To get an in-depth analysis of your website’s specific needs and increase your conversion rate optimization rates drastically, contact our team of experts using the form below.