The role of Digital Analytics is hard to over-exaggerate. Digital Analytics services is an ever-growing tool in each industry across the globe. After extensive Conversion Rate Optimization and data analytics research we finally got the undeniable proof that data is important. Not only important – it is crucial.

As we all know, data is the new oil, and failing to adapt to the new waves of technological advancement puts you at the risk of falling behind your competitors. Lately, there is only one axiom that serves as a rule of thumb if you want to succeed in a modern-day business – go data, go digital. 

This is why we prepared a special list of Top Digital Analytics Trends to Consider in 2020 – stay ahead of the game, we want to see you win 😉 

Top Digital Analytics Trends to Consider in 2020

Top Digital Analytics Trend #1: Machine Learning 

The first on our list of new digital analytics trends of 2020 is Machine Learning. No longer just a sound myth, it is creeping into each and every digital analytics area. Being present in multiple digital analytical solutions starting from ecommerce recommendation algorithms to comprehensive Business Intelligent (BI) systems, it changes the way we operate. 

These self-learning intelligent platforms improve automatically with people using them while turning more and more companies data-driven.

Top Digital Analytics Trend #2: Security Importance

With the rise and ever-increasing popularity of Business Intelligent (BI) solutions, so does the need for security systems that can accommodate them. Without any confidence in the safety and immobility of your data, it is hard to entrust it to the third-party data visualization and web analytics platforms. 

And while the Cloud storages bring mobility and fast processing power with the ability to be accessed from any part of the world, Custom Data Integration solutions, like ETL and Data Warehouse, become a safer solution for those companies that do not want to risk sharing their data with vendor services.

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Top Digital Analytics Trend #3 ArtificiaI Intelligence

While a couple of years ago a subject of ArtificiaI Intelligence stayed more of science fiction than a feasible reality, today AI is slowly but surely making its way into areas such as advanced text and speech recognition, allowing users of Business Intelligent systems like Power BI, to get answers to their data analytics questions by using simple everyday language. 

AI-assisted chatbots and personal assistants become a perfect bridge between managers, executives, and branch heads and data insights, is the third item on our top digital analytics trends list. 

Artificial Intelligence Gif
Let’s just say AI still has a long way to go 😉

Top Digital Analytics Trend #4: Voice of the Customer (VoC) 

Why try to guess and spend thousands of dollars trying to determine what your customers actually want from your product, if you can just ask them? The use of Voice of the Customer (VoC) Solutions has skyrocketed since its first successes and continues to prove its credibility by increasing the company’s User Lifetime Value (LTV) and Conversion Rates (CR) every day, and thus becoming the fourth latest digital analytics trends of 2020.  

Voice of the Customer (VoC) techniques and tactics include expensive but one of the most effective types of interaction with your website users called Customer Interviews, along with On-Site Customer Surveys, Live Chats, Social Media, Email Surveys, and monitoring User Behavior.

Top Digital Analytics Trend #5: Being Human

As ironic as it sounds, an ability to stay human in our modern age of enhanced state-of-the-art analytics solutions, Artificial Intelligence and technological advancement, is still a crucial factor influencing how customers interact with your brand and how likely are they going to stay with it.

A simple act of kindness or attention like a bouquet of flowers for a client who, while returning an item mentioned her mother fell ill, will not only increase loyalty among your customers but will greatly increase your Net Promoter Score (NPS), closing our list of latest digital analytics trends.  


Now you know the top digital analytics trends which make our lives better and move us closer and closer to the data-driven analytics and marketing. 

Use these digital analytics trends of 2020 to help dictate your future business decisions and development course – if you want to lead your industry’s way there’s no better way to achieve it 😉