Humans love it when things are easy. Especially, when it comes to shopping. That’s why Ecommerce and SaaS sellers strive to make the customer experience as smooth as imaginably possible. 

And since we keep imagining and inventing new customer satisfaction platforms, state-of-the-art live chat and support software, there’s quite a competition among tools that encourage your visitors to communicate with you directly.

Let’s take a look:


Trial: Free trial, offers demos
Price: Plans starting from $19/month for sales plan and $49/month for service plan
Features: AI chatbot, Messaging software, Live chat widget, Answer bot, Free live chat software, Live chat customization

Previously known as Zopim, then Zendesk Chat, our currently reviewed platform is now called simply Zendesk. Champions of customer service, as they declare themselves to be, the Zendesk team has really been on the market for a while and offers high-class solutions to everyone from startups to industries to enterprises. 

On top of all the typical live chat features, you get an omnichannel conversation history, where a user can jump from Whatsapp to Facebook and then request a call to finalize the sale; a user profile and past history to help agents utilize context when assisting and selling; and even unite live chat with company guidelines and workflows like tags, reporting, and routing.

Zoho SalesIQ

Trial: Free 15-day trial, no demo
Price: Plans starting from €17/month, free account (1 website per portal, 5K visitors/month, 100 chat sessions/month) 
Features: Personalized chat, Screen sharing, Interactive email campaigns, Automatic chat translation, Visitor geolocation, Live Chat Software

True, a serious business platform called “Zoho SalesIQ” sounds a bit ridiculous, but stay with us. This “hustle free” (that’s a quote) customer satisfaction platform combines live chat, visitor tracking and pretty good analytics all in one place. 

You can also enjoy actionable analytics, visitor insights, real-time traffic monitoring, automated website visitor engagement, and lead scoring which divides all prospects into hot, warm, and cold. This CRO tool is highly beneficial for those looking to increase the flow of potential customers and “turning your website into a lead generation machine” (yes, that’s a quote, too 😂 ).  


Trial: Free 14-day trial, no demo
Price: Plans starting from $16/month
Features: Omnichannel messaging, Native integration with over 170 tools, Chat tools, Customer engagement, Customization, Reports & Analytics, Security 

The third member of our support software tribe is a live chat tool called, non-surprisingly, LiveChat! LiveChat displays a remarkable balance of automation and humanity, for instance, using chatbots for creating tickets and generating leads, employing artificial intelligence for chat routes development, and bringing in actual live agents to respond. 

This honestly kinda awesome customer satisfaction tool (seriously, we did not get paid to say this) offers all the little tools to make your customers love you a little bit more: a typing sneak-peek before user hits send, saving responses to commonly asked questions, assigning tags to conversations, chat transferring between teammates, along with using buttons, cards, carousels, moments, quick replies, customization and much more. 


Trial: Free 14-day trial, no demo
Price: Plans starting from $19/month
Features: Chat tools, Chat Analytics, Team Management, Automation, Customization, Security, Integrations, PowerUps

Olark is a very basic customer experience software tool, which offers no exceptional features outside typical live chat, data management and insight integration. We do not recommend this live chat software to companies of any size, as its “live chat” option is only available if one of your employees is able to answer, and if not, your customers will have to leave an email and abruptly leave your website forever with their requests unsolved and hearts broken.

Be careful, as chats of this kind are worse than having no on-page customer survey whatsoever.  They mislead your visitors into thinking they’ll be talking to a real human being only to read a robotic “Sorry, we have already left, you are on your own with your issues now”.


Trial: Test drive with no code, offers a live demo
Price: Contact sales for prices, free account (1 Drift seat, 1 workspace, unlimited contacts) 
Features:  Analytics & Insights, Visitor Intelligence, Real-time personalization, AI chatbots, Expert services, Target account engagement, Custom chatbots

Out of all the tools on this informative and highly useful (& modest 😂) list Drift is the only one you can try out this very second! Yes, many of these support software platforms offer free trials, demos and even free accounts, but only this one lets you test drive itself right on your website with no code or any commitments!

Drift calls itself a “World’s #1 Revenue Acceleration Platform” and has a complex set of tools like real-time personalization, visitor intelligence, target account management, custom and AI-driven chatbots, live chat, expert services. Drift provides custom solutions where each pricing plan comes with a team onboarding, personal customer success manager and, of course, revenue acceleration strategy developed by the team’s top strategists’ brainpower.


Trial: No trial, offers a demo 
Price: Contact sales for prices 
Features: Intent Manager, Conversation Builder, Conversation Manager, Conversation Analytics, Conversation Channels

Our next stop on the “10 Tools to Encourage Website Visitors Communication” is not a single tool, but a whole conversational cloud powered by artificial intelligence. LivePerson fully focuses on your user communication through the app and web messaging, social messaging, email messaging, voice to messaging and third-party messengers. 

Here AI-powered chatbots work along with live agents and you can use Intent Manager to discover user desires and how successfully do you fulfill them, design automated dialogues with Conversation Builder, while also taking advantage of the inbuilt Conversation Manager and Conversation Analytics. 


Trial: Free 14-day trial, offers a demo
Price: Contact sales for prices
Features: Live Chat Translation, Canned Responses, Widget Customization, Multi-Brand Chat Widget, Routing and Querying, Reporting & Analytics 

A company with a cute name — HappyFox — introduces itself as “The Best Help Desk Software for 5 years in a row” or, in a more down-to-earth version, an all-in-one help desk ticketing system for improved customer experience. 

Among its greatest advantages is having unlimited live chat agents on all pricing plans, which is extremely beneficial for large-scale enterprises. This support software is obviously a comprehensive system with large separate departments such as help desk, workflows,  live chat, chatbot, assist AI, business intelligence and in-app chat. 


Trial: Free 21-day trial, no demo
Price: Plans starting from $15/month, free account (email & social ticketing, ticket trend report, datacenter location) 
Features: Ticketing, Automation, Customization, Help widget, Self service, Field service, Freddy AI bots

The design aesthetic of Freshdesk’s website, although seemingly irrelevant, is so brutally old school that it can’t be missed, and dates back to the distant 2015, where the graphic designers of the world just found out you can simply purchase artwork from graphic stocks like Freepik and call it a day.

Nonetheless, they do offer an extensive package of services which include ticketing, automation,  field service and even a custom-developed AI bot called Freddy. It is not indicated whether Freshdesk offers live agents or which characteristics do live chats have, if there are any, so in comparison with other tools, it is clearly losing. 


Trial: Free 14-day trial, offers a demo
Price: Plans starting from $15/month, free account (1 chat button, 1 phone number, 7-day ticket history) 
Features: Real-time chat, Chat embedded tracking, Chat button animations, Chat button gallery, Real-time typing view

Yes, this is all you’ve ever wanted. A live chat platform that does exactly what you need — proactively connects your customers with real-life agents, while also taking care of your ticketing system, call center requests and social media operations. This live chat support software even has a full list of features you are welcome to review here —

Powered by automation and smart routing options that direct your website visitors to the agent who will be of the best assistance in their particular case, LiveAgent is perfect for those companies who really care about customer experience. After all, don’t we all wanna hear (or see typing) a live John or Silvia operator who’ll actually solve our problems instead of an automated chatbot who’ll heartlessly collect our email or reveal pre-recorded hours of operation? 


Trial: No trial, no demo
Price: Plans starting from $16/month
Features: Omnichannel, Integrations, Design Studio, Reporting & Analytics, Security & Privacy, Chatbots & Automation 

The last on our list of “10 Tools to Encourage Website Visitors Communication” is also a live chat support software called SnapEngage. Its live chat solutions majorly divide into those aimed for sales and those for customer service, which you can both quickly review on the image above. 

SnapEngage also presents several bundles of customer experience features like your typical Guide Bot or a more curious Answer Bot, which connect to your knowledge base for contextual answers and initially covers over 80% of user questions, leaving your life agents to answer tasks that are more complex. 


Here you go — ten conversion optimization tools to make your visitors talk to you directly. To discover new useful tools for boosting your customer experience take a look at the following awesome articles: