In the highly competitive world of e-commerce, gaining the trust of potential customers is crucial for driving conversions. To explore the impact of social proof on customer behavior, we conducted an A/B test for our client, By replacing traditional text testimonials with captivating video testimonials at the checkout step, we aimed to increase the conversion rate (CR) and unlock the hidden potential of their online store.

Test Details:

Duration: 9 days

Participants: 623 users

Devices: Desktop and mobile

Optimization platform: Google Optimize


By incorporating video testimonials instead of text ones, we anticipated an improvement in trust and, subsequently, an increase in the conversion rate (CR).



The A/B test yielded remarkable outcomes, with a staggering 50% increase in transactions. This improvement translated to 113 additional conversions and a substantial revenue boost of nearly $41,000. Our hypothesis of leveraging video testimonials to enhance trust was proven successful, demonstrating the influential power of social proof on customer behavior.


Based on the results of this A/B test, we recommend our clients in the e-commerce industry embrace video testimonials as a potent tool for building trust and boosting conversion rates. By collecting more video reviews from satisfied customers and integrating additional video trust options across your website, you can create a compelling shopping experience that resonates with your audience. The implementation of social proof through videos can pave the way for significant improvements in conversion rates and overall revenue. Unlock the potential of video testimonials and witness the transformative impact on your e-commerce success.

Side note:

This hypothesis must be tested in a controllable environment, success of our client does not guarantee success for your store, but is worth checking out. We can help you with that, if any assistance is needed!