Hey, guys!

Today we want to share with you some extraordinary results: +11 000 EUR of additional revenue we were able to achieve by testing a new banner to present (sale or some) the special offer on the homepage of the fashion store.

You know that feeling when you see a SALE sign on the shop’s first page and you just can’t help yourself but to go inside and check what’s going on? We created something similar for our client’s sustainable fashion store.

And it worked like a charm! The results speak for themselves – we had more than 420% visits on the page with the special offer than on the regular product page.

If you want to know how we did it and how you can improve your ecommerce conversion rate with special offers, keep reading!


Use the first screen to present your special offer for a new collection and/or daily sale. This will increase visits to the collection on sale (PDM – a product of the month collection page) and as a result ecommerce conversion rate. We should keep in mind that the Product of the Month (PDM) collection page (page with many popular products) and Product Details Page (PDP) are different parts of the store, but can work great together, if we apply some sales tactics.

Conversion event:

We set up a special dashboard in Google Data Studio to monitor visits from the banner to the collection page on sale and to the product pages in this collection.

We also monitored the eCommerce conversion rate per variation to see the effect on sales.

Test setup:

A/B test in Google Optimize with two variations: Original – with original banner and Variation 1 – with a modified banner. Modifications included position, layout, design, and copy.

Statistical calculations for PDM visits:

Statistical calculations for PDP* visits:

Statistical calculations for Ecomm CR:


What we have learned from this test: This test has a positive effect on both micro conversions and macro conversions. On the micro level, the new banner position and design caused an uplift in visits to the product of the month page by +419.6%.

And it caused the uplift in visits of the products in the COLLECTION ON SALE by +896.1%. Both results are statistically significant, with P-value (z-test) <0.001. The effect of the new banner on the revenue is also positive. The uplift in Ecommerce CR is +35.34%.

This uplift potentially means additional 61 transactions per month and potential 11 000 EUR uplift in revenue. We can conclude that testing new sales techniques can have a positive impact on an eCommerce businesses.

It would be great, if you could tell us, which type of content appeals to you the most: statistical calculations of those tests, examples of changes, or maybe concepts or conversion rate optimization? Thanks a lot for being with us and have a great day!