Hey, guys!

Here are InsightWhales again, today we want to share with you another fresh case study where we were able to achieve +$13,860 of additional revenue. This case shows how important it is not only to have a good price but also to make it stand out by being really visible. This combined with a new way of utilizing the “buy now” button gave us some good results, so let’s dig further into this!


We decided to go with multivariate testing here, as we had more than one element that we wanted to test. Multivariate testing is more complex than regular A/B tests, but gives us the opportunity to test more changes at once, in the meantime needs more attention to the details with each variation.

  1. If we redesign the pricing so that it looks more comprehensible, users will more eagerly proceed to the checkout.
  2. If after clicking on the main “Buy now” button, users will be automatically scrolled down to the pricing on the page instead of proceeding to the checkout, they will first get more info on the product and complete the purchase more eagerly rather than leaving the checkout page.

Control (the original one)

“Buy now” button auto scroll


All variations showed uplift over the control in regard to the eCommerce CR, but the variant with both changes (A1-B1) demonstrated the highest uplift of all equalling  65%:

With the eCommerce CR uplift of 65% and the revenue per session uplift of 64%, the total monthly contribution after the implementation of the variation will be +$13,860 ($37112 of the variation vs. $23252 of the control). So we can definitely declare it a winner.

What we have learned from this test:

Once again, we can see that improving the pricing layout makes a positive effect on the number of purchases. 

Another take is that the users should be aware of the details of pricing options before being redirected to checkout. The auto scroll technique also proves good not for the first time.