• Case Study: Ashridge Nurseries

    This case study looks at Ashridge Nurseries (which ships plants and garden supplies to customers in the UK) and how the business boosted its conversion rate (CR) by 25 percent in a period of just a few months. We examine the tests we ran, how these impacted CR, and what impact this had on the […]

  • Case Study: Boosting Numbers for New Year Promo is a longtime client of Insight Whale. They offer numerology and astrology services, which are in particularly high demand in January. For this reason, they wanted to run a promo for New Year. This case study looks at how we adapted their strategy just for the promo and the results it yielded. Customer profile […]

  • Case Study: How Video Testimonials Make a Difference (

    Customer profile provides English-speaking clients across the world with numerology and astrology advice through their digital reports. We located a few areas in their sales funnel where leads were dropping off and determined that one of the levers could be social proof. To resolve the issue, we tested how video testimonials could make a […]

  • Case Study: How We Lifted Lead Generation Conversion by 70% for an Uber-Like Taxi Service

    Moscow-based Wheely is a taxi service operating in several cities in Russia as well as in London. The company needed to increase its pool of drivers to see higher revenue. After attempting to achieve this with a new landing page, they were unsuccessful. They called us for help. This case study explains why the landing […]

  • Case Study: Online Pharmacy (Erectile Dysfunction) Click-Through Page Conversion Rate Optimization

    Here, we examine how Insight Whale increased the conversion rate of an online pharmacy based in the UK. The focus was on the click-through page for erectile dysfunction rather than ecommerce conversions, due to a long sales funnel. In the case study, we examine the use of a two-phase experiment and how it facilitates working […]

  • Case Study: How to Increase the Conversion Rate of an Online Apparel Store

    Our client in this case study sells clothing to a worldwide audience. Before we started, he was seeing 30,000 unique daily visitors to his site — and a good number of those were converting. However, he believed that higher sales were possible. This article examines what we did, including tests, post-test analysis, and use of […]

  • Case Study: How We Increased Conversion Rate and Revenue Per User for by 2.5

    Our client at requested a conversion rate optimization (CRO) audit back in 2016. Although the company had team members with knowledge of CRO, they lacked the time to run the audit it themselves. Plus, they wanted a new set of eyes to take a look at the data. In this article, we cover how […]

  • Case Study: How We Lifted the Clickout Conversion Rate by 12.7% for an Online Marketplace

    It’s a common belief that you need to make as many changes as possible to optimize conversion rate, which requires examining a large amount of data. At Insight Whale, we discovered that this is not always true. In fact, as this case study shows, small tweaks can often have the greatest impact. Pinpointing a problem […]

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