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  • What Benefits Gives Assigning a Value to Google Analytics Goal?

    Everyone likes money. This is a universal hard-to-argue truth so we won’t. Now imagine there was a way to optimize your budget so you earn even more money without much investment? There is, and it includes assigning a monetary value to your Google Analytics goals. In this article, we’ll examine which features and advantages does […]

  • 10 Tools to Encourage Website Visitors Communication

    Humans love it when things are easy. Especially, when it comes to shopping. That’s why Ecommerce and SaaS sellers strive to make the customer experience as smooth as imaginably possible.  And since we keep imagining and inventing new customer satisfaction platforms, state-of-the-art live chat and support software, there’s quite a competition among tools that encourage […]

  • How to Export PowerBI Dashboard and Report Data

    Data is useful when it is processable. After collecting and visualizing your data in one place it is often analyzed in an additional platform. For this particular case, we’ve created a step-by-step article that guides you through the process of exporting the PowerBI dashboard and reports data.  You can then open it in your Excel […]

  • CRO Recommendations for Low Traffic Websites

    A/B testing is straight up the single most effective technique for improving the conversion rate. But it’s also tricky, as it requires a large number of website visitors to conduct the A/B testing in the first place.  If you don’t have an extensive pool of website users to analyze it’s hard to determine which changes […]

  • Google Analytics Calculated Metrics in Use

    Google Analytics is an excellent free tool for creating and using calculated metrics. And since using google products ubiquitously within a single company brings the most results, you also have an opportunity to create calculated metrics in Google Data Studio by using calculated fields and in Google Sheets by combining different metrics together.  Before we […]

  • Looker Vs. Tableau: Overview and Key Features

    You are about to witness the review of the most popular self-service business intelligence solutions up to date – Looker and Tableau, and here’s the first heads-up. There is no one-fits-all answer here, therefore we won’t be giving it to you, but what we will do is provide you with information that will drastically help […]

  • What is a “Secondary Dimension” in Google Analytics?

    Okay, class. We hope you’ve behaved real good all week as we’re about to give you a very special lesson on the immensely popular web analytics tool called (surprise-surprise) Google Analytics and it’s several magical dimensions. Let’s take a look at what secondary dimension in Google Analytics is used for, how to add one and […]

  • Top 5 Customer Experience Metrics To Track To Grow Your Business

    The customer experience is one of the most important focal points of any business. It not only indicates what a customer goes through when interacting with your business but also how they feel about it. Both direct interactions and indirect actions with your brand indicate customer experience. So how can businesses quantify something that seems […]

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