Hey guys, we are back again with another great conversion rate optimization result. When our CRO team was going through the heat-maps data in HotJar, they noticed most users of this Shopify store don`t see the main button at this step of the funnel, as it is below the fold. 

Here are some screenshots:



It was also evident, that some fields in the check-out form were less popular and in fact, they were not bringing anything to the table except distraction.

Fewer clicks, than on other fields

We suggested making those fields optional by adding a drop-down button:

Our hypothesis was that by making unpopular fields collapsible, we can raise the button higher due to the freed-up space and thus increase the conversion. It turned out to be true, here are the details.

The test was running for 24 days and got more than 1,000 users engaged in it.

Here are the control (the current version of this page) and the variation (our suggestion):

As you can see, our variation lifts up the button a tiny bit

After 24 days of testing we got some great results, variation was performing significantly better with an uplift of almost 10%:

Here are some screenshots from Google Optimize

Statistical calculations

Variation was getting $100 more per each user, than the original one

When our client implements those changes to the production of the website (where all traffic lands), just by making one field of the form optional, this store will be getting an additional $12,000 each month, which means almost +$150,000 a year.

If you would like to share your thoughts on this test or get a consultation from our CRO department please schedule a zoom call with us using this link: calendly.com/inw. Have a great one today!